Home User Support


MAAB solutions offers a complete service for the maintenance of your home PC’s and networks.

home user support
If your PC or Mac is lagging behind and can’t keep up with the rest of the world, let alone your web browsing, it may be time for a
MAAB solutions Health Check. Our customised process will allow us to advise you what is needed to get your machine back to it’s old self.

With the current requirements of the average home for more than one computer connected to the internet we offer a full home networking service for all existing broadband and dial-up internet packages. Turn your house into an ‘e-house’.

If you would like to know more about how
MAAB solutions can help you with home computing then contact us.

Crashes and Bangs

MAAB solutions file recovery and home start service, for when disaster strikes.
Losing your files due to a technical, or even not so technical, failure can be distressing and have major implications to the smooth running of the family home!

Virus infections, lost passwords, corrupted files and even child intervention are all too common these days.PC repairs in your home

If you are struggling to open that email, get on the web or to find those really important family photographs, whatever the cause, MAAB solutions can give you a ‘best attempt’ recovery service.

Contact us for the latest information and to explore the data recovery options available to you.

Fix it, make it go faster or build me a new one!

MAAB solutions is ready to run to your rescue when your PC gives up the ghost. Whatever the cause we will find you the most economic way to get your machine up and running again. We are happy to advise on any system or machine upgrades, hardware installations and system repairs that may be necessary.

We can even transfer your data onto any new hard drives or machines which we install for you.

MAAB solutions also offers a full range of software installation and setup services. Basic program training is available for the majority of commonly used software packages.


Small Business Support


MAAB solutions provide quality on-site and remote access support for all your computer systems, machines and networks.network administration

Pay by the hour or pre-buy one of our Small Business Support Packages. These tailor-made packages provide cost-effective solutions to meet the ongoing needs of your business.

Pre-buying a Small Business Support Package from MAAB solutions effectively provides your company with IT support when and where your business needs it most.

Contact us for more information about our quality cost-effective support packages or to arrange a MAAB solutions site visit to discuss your business needs.

Disaster Recovery

MAAB solutions data recovery service, for when disaster strikes.network support

Loss of data due to a technical failure can have huge implications to any business in terms of time and potential costs.

Corrupted files, lost passwords, virus infections are all too common these days.

If you are struggling to access your valuable business data, whatever the cause, MAAB solutions offers a ‘best attempt’ recovery service.

Contact us for the latest information and to explore the data recovery options available to you.

Installations, Upgrades & Repairs

MAAB solutions installs networks tailor-made to your requirements whatever the size of your business. We cover all aspects of installation, cabled or wireless LAN, peer-peer networks and domains.

MAAB solutions are happy to advise on system and machine upgrades, hardware and machine installations and system repairs.

Data transfer options are available with all installations and upgrades.

MAAB solutions also offers software installation and setup. And basic program training is available for the majority of proprietary software packages.